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The Goblin Horde: A 3D Printable Model Adventure

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Check out our Upcoming Campaign : The Goblin Horde: A 3D Printable Model Adventure!

Step into the ultimate D&D adventure with our Kickstarter's premium 3D printable Goblin miniatures. With unparalleled detail, each STL file is crafted for seamless 3D printing, offering both beginners and seasoned gamers exquisite miniatures to print, paint, and animate their tabletop battles. Rigorously test-printed, our miniatures guarantee top-notch quality straight from your 3D printer, ensuring they're battle-ready for any campaign.

Whether you're orchestrating your first one-shot or a veteran campaign, these Goblins will bring hours of immersive play. Support our campaign to unlock a treasure trove of the finest 3D print files, and let these Goblins lead you into countless tales of valor and camaraderie. Join us in creating epic moments with every print.


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