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Bjorn - The Barbarian - 150mm Model STLs

Bjorn - The Barbarian - 150mm Model STLs

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Introducing Bjorn the Barbarian, a masterfully designed 3D printable model crafted for the finest detail and unmatched realism.

Tailored for resin printing, Bjorn stands proudly at 150mm, available both in pre-supported and unsupported STL formats. Perfect for the aficionados of Dungeons and Dragons (DnD), hobby and model painters, 3D printing enthusiasts, and countless other tabletop games, he encapsulates the raw intensity and power of a true barbarian leader.

Hailing from the frigid and untamed northern territories, Bjorn is not just a barbarian; he is the embodiment of wild resilience. A behemoth in stature, his unparalleled strength stems not just from his physique but from his indomitable spirit. Traumatized by the savage murder of his kin, he rose to become the beacon of hope for his nomadic tribe, leading with an air of silent authority. Yet, beneath his stern exterior lies a heart tormented by vengeance, constantly seeking retribution. With Bjorn, you're not just getting a model, but a tale of valor, vengeance, and leadership.

Files come both supported and unsupported for resin printers. 

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