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Kella - The Undead Maven - 150mm Model STLs

Kella - The Undead Maven - 150mm Model STLs

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Behold "Kella the Undead Maven," a chilling 3D diorama capturing the fearsome leader atop her formidable war beast.

Emerging from the icy expanse of the north, Kella reigns supreme, controlling legions of undead minions who guard her frozen realm with relentless fervor. The question that haunts every warrior's mind: How can one kill what is already dead? Countless brave souls from the wandering tribes have ventured to challenge her, only to be ensnared in her icy grip, forever condemned to join the ranks of her undead horde, shackled in servitude for eternity.

At a towering 200mm, this diorama isn't just a model; it's a storytelling marvel, a visual feast, optimized to perfection for 12k 3D prints. Merely gazing at pictures can't capture the sheer magnificence and intricate details of Kella and her beast – this is a showstopper destined to become the talking point of your collection. Whether you're a hobbyist or a gamer, Kella the Undead Maven offers unmatched grandeur. Available both pre-supported and unsupported, with Kella, you're not only obtaining a masterpiece, but you're also delving into a saga of power, immortality, and dominion.

File delivery comes with both Pre-supported and Unsupported STL files. This is a Digital Product ONLY.


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