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Penance - Death Knight - 150mm Model STLs

Penance - Death Knight - 150mm Model STLs

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Unleash the terror of the night with Penance, the malevolent death knight!

Crafted meticulously for those who dare to embrace the darker side of fantasy, Penance is the embodiment of dread and atonement through force. As the ominous shadow loyal to the emperor, his very presence guarantees silence, for he prowls the nights hunting for any whispers of betrayal against his father's rule. More than just a knight, he is the epitome of anguish. His armor, studded with spikes, serves as both a tool for intimidation and a constant reminder of his self-inflicted torment, ensuring he remains in perpetual pain and penance.

Offered as a premium model standing at an imposing 150mm, Penance is tailored with impeccable precision to captivate every ghastly detail. Optimized for the highest quality resin prints, he comes pre-supported and boasts full 12k compatibility, ensuring a print quality as sharp and terrifying as the character's legend. With Penance, you're not just procuring a model but a symbol of morbid sacrifice and haunting vengeance.

Files come both supported and unsupported for resin printers. 

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