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Villain Design

Retribution - Death Knight - 150mm Model STLs

Retribution - Death Knight - 150mm Model STLs

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Delve deep into the world of dark fantasy with Retribution, a masterpiece from Villain Design, the luminaries in 3D miniature crafting.

This 3D printable mini, sculpted to perfection, brings to life the lore of the Knights of Anathema. Standing tall at 150mm, Retribution isn't just a death knight; he's the embodiment of vengeance and the physical manifestation of wrath. Commissioned by his father, the emperor, he exemplifies sheer brutality and an insatiable thirst for revenge. His prowess in battle is unparalleled, making any challenge against him tantamount to a dance with death itself.

For aficionados of DnD, miniature painting, and resin printing, Retribution isn’t just a model; it’s an award-winning testament to detailed craftsmanship. Honored with the Yahaha "Best 3D Fantasy Model" and the coveted CGTrader's "Fantasy Character Challenge", every curve and contour of Retribution is optimized for 12k resin printing, ensuring that the intricate details and his malevolent essence are captured exquisitely. When you choose Retribution, you're not merely acquiring a model; you're investing in a slice of dark legend crafted by the maestros at Villain Design.

Files come both supported and unsupported for resin printers. 

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