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Villain Design

The Eladrin - Swamp Elf - 150mm Model STLs

The Eladrin - Swamp Elf - 150mm Model STLs

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Venture into the hauntingly beautiful realm of twisted fantasy with The Eladrin, a striking creation from the innovators at Villain Design, renowned for their exceptional 3D miniature artistry.

This meticulously crafted 3D printable figure encapsulates the tragic tale of a once-noble elf, now banished and transformed within the murky depths of marshes and swamps. The Eladrin stands as a testament to resilience and metamorphosis, his form having evolved into something both monstrous and awe-inspiring. Each inch of his being reflects the harshness of his new environment, his features twisted yet majestic, embodying the fierce spirit of survival.

Ideal for enthusiasts of DnD, miniature painting, and high-detail resin printing, The Eladrin is more than a model; it's a work of art. Exquisitely designed for 12k printers, this model captures every nuanced detail of his deformed elegance and ferocious demeanor, ensuring a printing experience that brings forth every aspect of his compelling story.

From his once-elfin grace to his now formidable presence, The Eladrin is a creature shaped by his harsh new world, a being of power and mystery. His story is one of loss, adaptation, and the indomitable will to endure. Each curve, each scar, tells a part of his journey from grace to monstrosity.

Files come both supported and unsupported for resin printers. 

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