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Uriel Bust and Diorama Pack

Uriel Bust and Diorama Pack

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The High Defender of Sanctorium, Uriel, Blessed of Luminarius, keeps the forces of evil at bay. As he thunders through the streets, the forces of evil flee from his radiant presence. 

Posed in the fray of battle, Uriel's impressive 150mm diorama makes the perfect scene for a bookshelf, coffee table, or anywhere else you would store a display piece.

And at 75mm, the bust of Uriel makes the perfect paint project or desk ornament for amateurs and professionals alike.

Uriel Bust and Diorama STL Pack includes:

  • 150mm Pre-Supported & Un-Supported Diorama STLs
  • 75mm Pre-Supported & Un-Supported Uriel Bust STLs
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